International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4685

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Anti-inflammatory and Anti-cancer studies of newly synthesized derivatives of Para-bromo benzoic acid
Pages: 01-02  
Assessment of the quality characters of some promising Arabica coffee hybrids under highland environments in southwestern Ethiopia
Pages: 03-06  
Relationship between cytokines and the remodeling of the structural and functional state of the left ventricle in patients with coronary artery disease
Pages: 10-13  
Potential of mangostin pericarp (Garcinia mangostana Linn.) for cancer in women: A review
Pages: 14-18  
A review on areca catechu plant
Pages: 19-22  
Process validation of sertraline film coated table
Pages: 23-30  
In vitro Protocol optimization for micro propagation of yam landraces (Dioscorea species) using nodal culture
Pages: 31-38  
Design, development, In vitro and In vivo evaluation of transdermal patches of glimepiride
Pages: 39-45  
Development and evaluation of antiaging herbal topical formulation
Pages: 46-52  
A review on mouth dissolving tablets
Pages: 53-61  
Concise review on atopic dermatitis and Unani medicine
Pages: 62-64  
Appetite-Regulating hormones block alcohol cravings
Pages: 65-68  
Optimization of the enzyme-assisted vacuum-distillation of essential oil from the leaves of Citrus limonia Osbeck by response surface method
Pages: 69-73  
Effect of carotene pigment on biopolymers
Pages: 74-78  
Effectiveness of mangosteen rind (Garcinia mangostana Linn.) and chitosan polymers as an antimicrobial
Pages: 79-83  
Anthelmintic activity of Piper betle on Pheretima posthuma
Pages: 84-86  
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