International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4685

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

Combined flower decoction of Clitoria ternatea and Punica granatum expressed comparable hypoglycemic activity with that of metformin: In vivo study

Author(s): Sachin P Borikar, Nilesh G Kallewar, Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, Nitin G Dumore, Kishor R Danao
Abstract: For achieving effect hypoglycemic control, mainly five classes of therapeutic drugs are used commonly which acts by different mechanism(s), however producing numerous complications. The effectiveness of these marketed products for the management of diabetes mellitus is also under question. In order to develop potential drug principles having both efficacy and good safety profile, Mother Nature remained the best source for finding the leads that have the capability to control glucose levels, decrease the uptake of carbohydrates, provide suppression of hyperglycemic lift, reduction of body weight, and serum triglyceride level. Heading towards the road of research, unreported activity of two well known Indian plants Clitoria ternatea (Family: Fabaceae) and Punica granatum (Family: Punicaceae) were selected and evaluated accordingly. In the present study, flower decoctions of C. ternatea and P. granatum were screened for their hypoglycemic potential in alloxan induced diabetic rat model utilizing metformin hydrochloride as the standard drug. The work indicates preliminary phytochemical investigations which largely helped in understanding the role of bioactive molecules in mediating the pharmacological effect. The results of the present investigation clearly indicate that the combination of decoction of C. ternatea and P. granatum flowers have significant antihyperglycemic effect in alloxan-induced diabetic rats and holds the perspective to be used in clinical practices based on the toxicity profiles available. However, further research in the development of formulations based on above two principles may open new avenues in the management of diabetes mellitus.
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