International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4685

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

Extraction and characterization of Butea monosperma (Lam.) Kuntze flower petals dye for its uses in the colouration of food, pharmaceutical and textile industries

Author(s): Ram Prakash Singh, KK Agarwal, RB Singh
Abstract: Natural dyes are emerging globally as eco-friendly synthetic colourant. In present study has been made to extract the natural dye from the fresh, shade dried field dropped and sunlight dried flowers petals of Butea monosperma (Lam) Kuntze (Palash). Good quantity of crude dye was extracted from dried flower petals of Palash. The flowers compounds were analysed and identified as chalcone, butein, orange yellow needles and flavanone, butein and its glycoside butrin. The crude flower petals dye after further purification and refining has tremendous scope as a medicine and can also serve as colouring material in soft drinks and other food products like jam, chow mein, noodles, sausage, etc. Natural dye from the flower petals of Palash and its probable application in the field of textile, food items and pharmaceutical industry. Flowers petal dye has got tremendous potential as a colouring material in soft drinks and other food products.
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