International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research

ISSN: 2455-4685

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2017)

Ethnobotanical survey on medicinal plants used by tribal people in Attappady, Kerala

Author(s): Jenny MOL PA, A Suganthi
Abstract: The survey has been carried out in Attappady, Kerala. A total of 51 medicinal plants belonging to 28 families have been found to have medicinal value in this ethnobotanical survey. The plant have been enumerated with botanical name, family name, common name, habit, plant parts used, ingredients, mode of application and medicinal uses. The medicinal plants includes herbs (24), shrubs (11), climbers (8) and trees (7) and various parts as like root, bark, stem, leaf, seeds, fruit, tuber, dried stem and whole plant are used for curing various ailments. Some of the plants are used for treating threatful female disorders like Aerva lanata for curing bleeding during pregnancy, Bambusa arundinaceae for regulation of menstrual cycle, Phyllanthus amarus for bleeding and stomach ache etc. Mode of application varies depending upon their plant parts used and ingredients chosen.
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